Plastics industry has long been an important manufacturing industry of our country.It becomes one of the key sources moving the economy forward by supporting key parts or peripheral parts for wide categories of industries,However, more than 98% of companies in the plastics industry are small to medium in size,and with the limited financial support and human resources quality,It's hard to develop,to test,and to improve the quality independently.With these in mind,Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs formed "Plastics Industry Development Center "under"Implementation methods for Technological Advancement of Traditional Industries Program". The perpose of the center is to assist plastics industry to enhance product quality,to improve production technologies,and to enhance the research and development capabilities to accelerate the plastics industry advancement.In 1992, the industry raised funds of more than 31 million NTD, and the government also contributed funds of 20 million NTD to set up preparatory office for establishment matters.
Assisting and guiding the domestic processes of plastics industry by:
Bettering the equipments
Advancing the skills of production and the quality of the products
Improving the manufacturing techniques
Developing new products
Promoting co-operative technique to increase competitive ability
We are a professional,aggressive and innovative cooperative team;consistent in providing customers with professional services and being responsible to them.Customers’success is our priority.
We have to constantly persist in our innovation and development in the professional field to create the largest value for our customers and pursue a sustainable management.
We have managed a disciplined, safe working environment and system. We respect our employees and admire their excellent performance, as well as provide the opportunities of personal development and promotion.
We enjoy on contributing our expertise to feedback the society supporting us, fulfilling the duty of being an enterprise-citizen, and to supporting and encouraging our employees to take parts in the public welfare activities.